Staff Management

Human Resource Policies, Procedures and Practice

Devise policies, procedures and practices in line with statutory and good practice to protect your business before, during and after the employment relationship.


Employment Terms and Conditions

Create, review and revise Contracts of Employment, offer letters, staff Handbooks: formalise changes in terms and conditions, status, duties and responsibilities during the employment relationship.


Recruitment and Selection

Devise recruitment policy, selection criteria, interview structure and support interview panels.


Absence Management

Set up procedures, templates and policies to monitor, record and manage attendance, including Occupational Health referrals.


Discipline and Grievances

Develop policies and procedures to address employee misconduct and/ or staffing concerns in a structured and fair manner, including template reports, forms and all applicable correspondence.


Performance/ Capability Management

Create a performance management framework suitable to your individual culture, objectives and specific outcomes; including appraisals and capability processes.


Workforce Planning

Help to ensure you have the ‘right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time’. Profiling your current workforce; qualifications, Skills, diversity and capacity, to deliver your key priorities whilst also identifying any ‘hot spots/ skills gaps’ which may require a ‘workforce development action plan’.



Set up procedures, templates and policies to ensure staff leave your organisation fairly and professionally, in particular the management of Redundancy and TUPE.

Learning & Development

We can deliver HR courses for Managers and staff designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation and which can be delivered at your premises or a venue of your choice.  All such courses are designed with your input and delivered by practitioners with a specific knowledge of the particular field.

Equality & Diversity

Ensuring legislative compliance, adopting good practice, overcoming prejudice and changing entrenched negative attitudes about equality and diversity issues is difficult. HR Direct can support and develop inclusive approaches to employment policies and practices and personal behaviours and assist the management of equality and diversity issues in ways that support business contexts and circumstances.

Workplace Mediation

When conflict at work escalates into a dispute, communication can become difficult or break down altogether.  HR Direct can provide independent, impartial workplace mediation to facilitate the chance of restoring healthy working relationships without the use of formal procedures.

Independent Investigations

When regrettably a formal investigation is called for, beit into allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, part of disciplinary/ grievance procedures or into allegations or complaints from customers, then an impartial and trained investigator is essential. HR Direct can provide experienced independent investigators to complete this difficult task and report their findings; ensuring a confidential, timely, professional, sensitive and impartial focus throughout.